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Asia, such a large, populous, diversified continent and increasingly relevant nowadays. Are you curious about it and wondering where to find different viewpoints to get to know it better? If yes, this might be the right place for you.

With wide range of viewpoints but a common familiarity with the life they are examining, there’s no substitute for content that shows Asian artists and documentarists representing the Asia they know.

And we are a movie distribution company promoting such fascinating films.


"As a piece of social criticism, it’s a fascinating account of an unfairly hounded community, told in their own voices, amplifying the experiences of a population that’s been exploited and ignored in an industrial boom they’ve helped to make.”
“We Were Smart (Shamate I Love You) is not just a documentary to justify the name of Shamate. More importantly, it is a deep stab at the self-deceiving illusion of the urban middle class. It reminds the society to ‘see’, to see the history and pain of Shamate being erased, and to see the coldness, arrogance and narrow-mindedness of mainstream society for a long time.”
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