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Here is the list of our Asian movies based on true events. Subscribe now to watch these movies based on true stories online with 20% off. And stay notified about Asia-related insights & latest offers!

The absurdity and cruelty of real life have always been the best creative subjects in the film industry. Through the imagination and plots where truth and fiction meet, movies based on true events can often touch our hearts. They also give deeper resonance and emotion.

The plot of such films comes from life, and it thus has more real emotions and an appeal. It makes you think if this is going to happen in real life or what if this happens to you. You would always feel that the stories are closer to the real life, as if they are happening around you. It seems that audiences can be more involved in the roles of the film.

Identity anxiety around the world keeps us searching for antiheroes, traditions and selves. Films based on true stories are inspiring, which may be one of the reasons that they seem to be more inclined to popular literature and modern characters in recent years.

We should note that movies based on true events often have different interpretations of real events for the sake of dramatic effect or focusing point of view. This is different from documentaries. Documentaries try to bring truth to audiences and are therefore included in the tag as well.

Watching films is a kind of entertainment and learning, but it urges oneself for constant self-reflection, too. Good true story movies may also tell us that this kind of stories where real life is more splendid than the drama, are the most touching ones. Hope you enjoy watching these movies based on true stories online.

Note: There may be other kinds of Asian true story content such as TV series or web series in this tag.

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