The Debts – Wiseman Wang


This film depicts a series of dark-humor absurdities in a small town in south China caused by a private lottery ticket to reflect a variety of illegal activities in society.


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Synopsis of The Debts

The story is set in a peaceful small town in South China. Goy, a small breakfast-shop owner, is keen on buying lottery tickets from private lottery agent (illegal) like others who are dreaming to turn into a millionaire overnight. He bought 20 lottery tickets one day and won 130,000RMB. The agent Leng forgot to register the tickets, so she had to pay Goy out of her own pocket. Leng could not afford this huge bill and thus turns to her husband, the bureau head, for help. The bureau head turns to the director, the director turns to the employee. Then the employee turns to a farmer, the farmer turns to his daughter. As a result, the daughter is Goy’s girlfriend….

The Debts is about a benefit chain. It depicts the local people’s absurd connection and interests and relationship in China. The film maker makes use of realism and black humor and conveys the whole story cleverly with a “happy ending”.

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1 hour 27 minutes | English & Simplified Chinese subtitles | HD (1920×1080)
China | 2010
Director / Producer / Screenplay: Wiseman Wang
Cast: Bangdong Lin, Haizhu Zhou
Production Company: A Meaning Entertainment

Awards & Film Festivals

1. Winner of Best Indie of 2011 Hong Kong Pineapple Underground Film Festival
2. Official Selection of 2011 Marbella International Film Festival
3. Selected as World Film Works by IndieFlix in 2011

Highlight Endorsement

“The film was made to fulfill the dream of producing real films in China and inform the world about the capability of making of quality films in China.”
Marbella International Film Festival

“Wiseman Wang proves that without any funds and simply reply on the independent spirit, he can still shoot a wonderful story. This is done with his mature narrative techniques and rich sense of humor.”
Hong Kong Pineapple Underground Film Festival

More Endorsement

Reasons for Recommendation

1. The Debts won Best Indie of 2011 Hong Kong Pineapple Underground Film Festival out of more than 380 movies worldwide.
2. The grand tragedy in the form of comedy: It satirized some social oddities incisively and vividly and would surely surprise you.
3. It’s China’s first film made in Leizhou dialect and also this small town’s debut in a movie.

More Info

1. CNN: A film festival for indie filmmakers by indie filmmakers, featuring censored Chinese movie “The Debts”
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