Journey to the South – Wiseman Wang


This film describes a Chinese gasoline tanker truck driver driving all the way south. On the way he encountered various AMAZING schemes to make him pay, which forces him to strike back.


Synopsis of Journey to the South

The story took place on the eve of the millennium.

Bing is an ordinary gasoline tanker truck driver with a warm heart. One day, he received the news that the school his son is going was just sealed up by education bureau because of lacking of permit. To make it worse, his mom in hometown is diagnosed uremia, in need of hundreds of thousands RMB. In order to get a back pay, Bing has to go on highway for the first time to transport the empty truck to sell to somebody in Guangdong (South China) province.

On the journey to the south, he encountered various AMAZING schemes to make him pay. In the end, Bing had no choice but to take a surprising move.

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1 hour 43 minutes | English & Simplified Chinese subtitles | HD (1920×1080)
China | 2012
Director / Producer / Screenplay: Wiseman Wang
Cast: Jim Wang
Production Company: A Meaning Entertainment

Awards & Film Festivals

1. Official Selection of 2012 Marbella International Film Festival
2. Official Selection of 2013 Macao Literature Festival
3. Official Selection of 11th China Independent Film Festival
4. Official Selection of 2018 Qingdao Independent Film Festival

Highlight Endorsement

“Except that the picture quality of the film could not meet the requirements, I felt that there was no problem for this movie to get into the cinema. It’s the first time I’ve seen such an independent-film director who’s so suited for a commercial film.”
Lu X (Douban reviewer)

“A very heart-wrenching journey. A heart-wrenching movie to watch.”
Yue Ran (Douban reviewer)

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Reasons for Recommendation

1. Journey to the South is a road movie based on a number of real social cases.
2. It’s China’s the first feature film to reflect the living conditions of the vulnerable group of truck drivers.
3. The film was shot by handheld photography with semi-documentary expression to let the audience have a very strong sense of immersion.

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