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Charlie Chaplin's black comedy films

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Black comedy films obviously belongs to the category of comedy, but at the same time contains the meaning of tragedy. It deals with the content of tragedy in the form of comedy and breaks the boundary between them. Its central content is to show the absurdity of the world and society’s oppression to the individual.

Black comedy is a special kind and is different from traditional comedy. It treats pain and misfortune as jokes. It shows humor from the disappointed and painful world view. Its bitter laughter thus contains tears, even anger.  The black plot often has elements of human nature thinking and irony of the social status quo. It usually focuses on at the small people at the bottom of the society. In the absurd plot, there is a hidden accusation to the reality.

And when it comes to black comedy movies, we need to mention the comedy master Charlie Chaplin. He is good at handling serious events into funny situations. Anti-social or anti-traditional behaviors often become his subjects, so his comedies are often called black comedies.

Black comedy films usually have a strong impact. They lead people to know in an interesting way the truth of changing life and the cruelty of the world, while not sure whether to laugh or cry. This may be the lesson that black comedy movies brings us and hope you enjoy watching them online.

Note: There may be other kinds of Asian black comedy content such as TV series or web series in this tag.

  • The Debts – Wiseman Wang
    • The Debts – Wiseman Wang
    • ,
    • The Debts – Wiseman Wang

    • $2.99$199.00
    • This film depicts a series of dark-humor absurdities in a small town in south China caused by a private lottery ticket to reflect a variety of illegal activities in society.  
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