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Documentary Director Sourav Sarangi

Sourav Sarangi is one of the most famous filmmakers in South Asia.

His debut film, “Tusu Katha” (The Tale of Tusu) was based on the lives of marginal people and their culture in Eastern India. It dealt with the Titular festival, observed and celebrated in the tribal-dominated areas of West Bengal and Jharkhand. He produced a number of regional television fictions later. His documentary “Bilal”, story of a little kid living with blind parents, received a huge response worldwide in festivals, theatres and TV stations with many awards. “Moddhikhane Char” (CHAR… the No-Man’s Island) is a feature documentary testifying his command over the storytelling and love for the people. The film has also won many awards at major international festivals. In addition, he recently finished a documentary called “Karbala Memoirs” filmed in Iraq.

Sourav studied editing at Film and Television Institute of India. After graduation, he started working on television – as editor, as director of telefilm, and turned out to be one of the most important figures in the changing face of Bengali Satellite Television. He has also conducted a number of workshops and has acted as an international jury on several occasions.

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