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Most people love to watch comedy films, think life is not easy enough, why make yourself feel bad. But there are those who love sad movies and believe it relieves feelings of sorrow and fear. Besides, tragedy makes them cherish and enjoy the happiness in front of them. They think that comedy brings people a short joy, while tragedy often brings people a deeper level of reflection and inspiration.

Sorrow is indeed more direct to the heart than joy, and this phenomenon is not unique to poetry. Tragedy, like Greek drama, is a far greater achievement than comedy. And this is still true for all kinds of art forms until today. The incapability to change how things fade away is the reason why tragedy can arouse greater resonance. It can be said that the power of tragedy lies in thinking.

In the selection of films, apart from the typical sad movies that may make you cry, there will also be some content that is obscure but stays in audience’s mind for a long time. Moreover, there will also be black comedy films that are in the form of comedy but are essentially sad.

The tradition of American high comedy, which began with Charlie Chaplin, has always been based on tragedy. Its punch lines are based on the idea that we have the ability to laugh even though life is so sad. As Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran wrote in his book of poems “The Prophet“, life is a mixture of joy and sorrow. Perhaps the highest state of mind is to live a tragedy into a comedy, let life be without regret.

Note: there may be other kinds of Asian sad content such as TV series or web series in this category.

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