The Sichuan Army Veteran Peng Guochen – Jiang Nengjie


Hundred-year-old veteran Peng Guochen relies on the care of his grandnephew Peng Songbai. Under the enormous economic pressure, the local government has not been able to implement his old-age pensions.


Synopsis of The Sichuan Army Veteran Peng Guochen

The film chronicles the life of Peng Guochen, a 100-year-old veteran of the Sichuan Army who fought in the Sino-Japanese War and Civil War, in his later years.

Peng’s anti-Japanese identity has not been recognized as he was in the Kuomintang. He is old and never married, so he lives with his grandnephew Peng Songbai’s family. As he gets too old to take care of himself, he relies on Songbai to look after him. However, Songbai also faces financial pressure since he has to support his parents and children. In addition, policies to benefit the poor people such as Peng Guochen’s old-age pensions and the precise poverty alleviation subsidies have not been implemented by the local government.

Can the country’s funds reach Peng Guochen’s account after all? Will Peng Songbai be physically and mentally exhausted and finally give up Peng Guochen?

The Sichuan Army Veteran Peng Guochen is one of the series of The Anti-Japanese War Veterans.

Read our blog post to see reviews about issues reflected by this film from local audience.


1 hour 27 minutes | English & Simplified Chinese subtitles | HD (1920×1080)
China | 2018
Director: Jiang Nengjie
Production Company: MianHuaSha Film Studio

Highlight Endorsement

“The film is not only about veterans, but also about the current situation of old-age care in rural areas. Sharp point of view and clear attitude. There is conscience also true knowledge!”
strumgeist, Douban reviewer

“In this impetuous environment, this kind of documentary on veterans is particularly valuable!”
Liu Zhen Hua, Douban reviewer

Reasons for Recommendation

1. This documentary has the rating of 7.7 on Douban.
2. It touches on two of China’s most pressing problems, poverty and pensions, and also corruption in the government’s poverty-alleviation policies.
3. This film truly reveals that the real universal feeling in elderly care is the coexistence of caring and boredom.

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