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documentary movies about China and Chinese-speaking regions online

Here is the list of Asian documentaries for you to watch online with English subtitles. Subscribe now to watch these documentaries about Asia online with 20% off. And stay notified about Asia-related insights & latest offers!

The truth hurts. However, sometimes it inspires inspiration, fear, sadness, humor, or whatever emotions in between.

Documentary is based on real life, real people and events as the object of expression. With the truth it makes people think. The birth of film began with the creation of documentary. In 1895, Louis Lumière from France shot Exiting the Factory and The Arrival of a Train. He also shot other experimental films, and all of these films belong to documentary.

Documentary, news reel film, and non-fiction film share some basic characteristics: authenticity and objectivity. However, there is in fact no absolute objectivity in the creation of all documentary films. They are rather a representation of the historical world. Depending on the purpose of shooting, the film can highlight the function of “recording” and emphasize the connection with the real world. It can also highlight the form and style as a director’s personal artistic creation.

However, regardless of the purpose and function of documentary filming, “documentary ethics” is the norm that all documentary workers abide by. Because documentaries take the real world as the basic material, they have an unavoidable responsibility for the real people and objects recorded in the camera.

Note: There may be other kinds of documentary contents about Asia such as TV series or web series in this category.

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