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Here is the list of Asian comedy movies for you to watch online. Subscribe now to watch these funny movies online with 20% off. And stay notified about Asia-related insights & latest offers!

Comedy usually has very strong local cultural characteristics. The most popular local comedy films tend to be local only. Elsewhere, they often have no market or box office.

Therefore, in the selection of good comedy movies, we tend to choose satire realism of comedy films with black humor. While such a film can be very funny, its core may be extremely sad story. So do not be surprised to see that some of our funny films are classified as comedies but have the “sad movie” tag.

Compared with the typical comedy film, this kind of film is more universal thanks to its focus on reality. It is therefore more cross-cultural and cross-border. In this way, you don’t have to worry about losing the punchline.

You can also browse our blog for in-depth reviews after watching the movie, which will help you better understand what the director is trying to say. The best part is that it is not like going to the cinema, where you have to spend money again to watch one more time. Here you can watch our film as many times as you want. I believe that each time you watch it, you will have different understanding and feelings.

Of course, we are looking for a wide variety of content that might be of interest to audiences. Thus the selection could still include other types of Asian comedy movies to watch online, and we welcome your feedback.

Note: There may be other kinds of Asian comedy content such as TV series or web series in this category.

  • The Debts – Wiseman Wang
    • The Debts – Wiseman Wang
    • ,
    • The Debts – Wiseman Wang

    • $2.99$199.00
    • This film depicts a series of dark-humor absurdities in a small town in south China caused by a private lottery ticket to reflect a variety of illegal activities in society.  
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