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Chinese indie film director Wiseman Wang

Wiseman Wang (Wang Xiaoming) was born in 1976 in Guangdong Province, P.R. China. He graduated from China Agricultural University in 1998. He has learned Xiangsheng performing, a traditional Chinese version of standup comedy since childhood. Besides, he started to write his own materials when he was 13 years old. He had a successful solo Xiangsheng show at university and founded Ming Yuan Xiangsheng Club after graduating from college.

From Xiangsheng actor to film director, Wang’s transition is relatively smooth. He has started to write and direct indie films since the year 2010. He has five complete feature film works including Journey to the South (2012) and The Debts (2010). A Summer Night’s Dream was officially accepted by 2nd PYIFF as a Work In Progress project in 2018.

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Watch Wiseman Wang films online:

  • Journey to the South – Wiseman Wang
    • Journey to the South – Wiseman Wang
    • Journey to the South – Wiseman Wang

    • $2.99$169.00
    • This film describes a Chinese gasoline tanker truck driver driving all the way south. On the way he encountered various AMAZING schemes to make him pay, which forces him to strike back.
  • The Debts – Wiseman Wang
    • The Debts – Wiseman Wang
    • ,
    • The Debts – Wiseman Wang

    • $2.99$199.00
    • This film depicts a series of dark-humor absurdities in a small town in south China caused by a private lottery ticket to reflect a variety of illegal activities in society.  
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