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Jim Wang: China's first lawyer with a degree from Beijing Film Academy
Jim Wang (Wang Jinming) is a lawyer, film producer, director and leading actor. In his early years, he worked in The Procuratorate. In 1993, he passed the bar practice examination and thus became a practicing lawyer.

Jim is the first lawyer in China who has obtained a degree from Beijing Film Academy. He once served as the legal adviser of Training center of Beijing Film Academy and other companies and units. In 2016, he further co-founded Beijing Zhong Shi Law Firm. There he served as the lawyer and director of the film and television department.

Jim Wang’s photography works were part of the course of Beijing film academy. He directed the film Catch the Thief, which was selected in the 6th Paris Chinese Film Festival. He was also the leading actor in film Journey to the South. This film played the grand finale at the 11th China Independent Film Festival.

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  • Journey to the South – Wiseman Wang
    • Journey to the South – Wiseman Wang
    • Journey to the South – Wiseman Wang

    • $2.99$169.00
    • This film describes a Chinese gasoline tanker truck driver driving all the way south. On the way he encountered various AMAZING schemes to make him pay, which forces him to strike back.
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