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documentary director Jiang Nengjie

Jiang Nengjie was born in the countryside of China. It had been his hopes to use video to reflect and record the times. Therefore, he established MianHuaSha Film Studio in 2009, which he named after his birthplace.

Jiang is a left-behind child himself, and he understands this group very well. As a result, his representative work is a trilogy of documentaries on left-behind children. The trilogy successfully aroused the attention of the public to improve the material conditions of the village. However, he thinks the core issue has never been touched.

In 2016, Jiang Nengjie opened his first MianHuaSha Library on the second floor of his home, building a free reading platform for children. In addition to reading, the library also holds regular reading parties, film screenings, and free calligraphy and photography classes. At present, he has built four rural public library houses in Xining county. In particular, the fourth library has more than 600 library card registrations, an average of more than 100 book rentals a day.

In 2019, the Phoenix New Media Action Alliance selected Jiang as one of the Top Ten Public Welfare Figures. Besides left-behind children, his documentary also focuses on different groups such as war veterans, empty-nesters and autistic syndrome patients.

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