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Documentary Director Hui Dapeng

Hui Dapeng was born in Fuping County, Shaanxi Province in 1975. He graduated from modern physics department of Lanzhou University in 1997, majoring in radiochemistry. After graduation, Hui has been working in China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute till now. He loves history and set up Die Bian and Niao Ju studios.

In 2012, Hui Dapeng participated in the activities organized by Shenzhen Longyue Charity Foundation to rejoin the expedition and visit Chinese war veterans in Myanmar. He was distressed to see the remains of Chinese Expeditionary Force buried under schools, residential buildings, pig pens and even toilets. In the following years, Hui and many volunteers made several trips to Myanmar to conduct investigation and communication. In addition, they started the work to collect and send the remains of the Chinese Expeditionary Force back to China. His documentary, Why Not Coming Back, captured the process in action.

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  • Why Not Coming Back – Hui Dapeng
    • Why Not Coming Back – Hui Dapeng
    • Why Not Coming Back – Hui Dapeng

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    • Most of the remains of the Chinese expeditionary soldiers who fought in Myanmar have not been properly preserved even until today. When can they return home and rest in peace?
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